Sever’s Disease (Children's Heel Pain)

Sever’s Disease Footlogics Canada
Sever’s Disease Footlogics Canada
Sever’s Disease Footlogics Canada

Recommended orthotic insoles for Children’s Heel Pain (Sever’s Disease)

Pain in the heel is also experienced by children

Not only can foot discomfort make it more difficult for adults to lead regular lives, but it also frequently affects youngsters who are otherwise healthy and in good physical condition. The majority of the time, children are discovered complaining of pain in either one or both of their heels shortly after engaging in some kind of physical activity or sports, or simply after walking. This can happen after a run, or even after walking. This discomfort is typically felt in the back of their heels or underneath them. An ailment known as calcaneal apophysitis is typically the primary factor that leads to this illness. There are a lot of cases recorded among children aged 8 to 14 years old.

The reason(s) behind Sever's disease

Just the fact that their legs and feet are growing is enough to cause them to experience this kind of discomfort. The calcaneus, which is the bone that makes up the heel, does not reach its full development in youngsters until the age of 14, or possibly even later.

During this stage, new bone is formed at the growth plate of their foot, also known as the apophysis, which is situated in the back of heels. Due to the fact that it is intended to accommodate growth, this particular section is softer than others. This growth plate is subjected to recurrent stress from activities like as walking, jogging, and sports. Consequently, this causes irritation in the region of the heel.
The growth plate of the heel is extremely sensitive; hence, frequent running and contact with hard surfaces are major contributors to the development of heel pain in children. Children that participate in sports like football, baseball, soccer, racing, or basketball are especially susceptible to injury.

Excess pronation (fallen arches)

Additionally, over-pronation causes an increase in the tension that is placed on their growth plate, which is a big contributor to heel discomfort in children.

It is possible to treat Sever's disease

• Take a break
It is recommended that you decrease the activity that causes discomfort.
• Ibuprofen, which is available without a prescription and can be found in Nurofen, is an anti-inflammatory medicine that helps relieve pain and inflammation.The practice of stretching exercises prior to playing is known to alleviate heel pain and lessen the amount of tension placed on the fascia ligaments.

Insoles with orthotic support

The Footlogics Kids orthotics are an excellent choice for children because they provide the appropriate support for their feet and also assist in preventing over-pronation. Additionally, they correct faulty gait by providing support for the feet and aligning them in the correct biomechanical position.

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