Orthotics for Sports & Running

Orthotic insoles for Sports & Running

Running Orthotics

It’s common knowledge that running, jumping, and other sports put a lot of stress on our feet. Prolonged exercise or activity without proper support and protection can lead to podiatric issues, which can lead to pain and discomfort and prevent you from engaging in the activities you enjoy. Because of this, you should get in touch with us at Footlogics.

For over 15 years, we have been the go-to source for high-quality running orthotics and other insoles tailored to the unique demands of numerous sports and activities.

With its optimal blend of support and cushioning, the Footlogics Sports Orthotics are great for any type of running, jogging, trekking, or even simply casual strolling. Physiotherapists who specialise in treating athletes frequently recommend and stock our high-quality medical-grade orthotics. Our Footlogics Sports orthotic is adaptable to a wide variety of running, cross-training etc, but can also be used for tennis, golf or basketball. 

Medical Grade Running Orthotics

It is no secret that sporting activities can put a heavy strain on our feet. Without the right support and protection, prolonged workouts or activity can lead to podiatric complications that can cause pain and discomfort, and keep you from doing the things you love. That’s why you need to call on the team here at Footlogics.

For more than 15 years, we have been a sought-after and trusted name in the manufacture and supply of running orthotics, as well as insoles that are designed to suit various activities and sports that ask a lot of our feet.

Footlogics Sports orthotics provide the perfect balance between support and cushioning and are ideal for running, jogging, hiking or just everyday walking. Our medical-grade orthotics are very popular with sports physical therapists in Australia and are widely recommended. Our Footlogics Sports orthotic fits in most types of sports footwear such as running shoes, cross-trainers, tennis and golf shoes, and basketball shoes. For soccer boots and gridiron, we have a slim-line orthotic insole called Footlogics Football. It offers similar benefits to the Sports orthotics but boasts a narrow design that fits perfectly in soccer and grid-iron boots.

Sports orthotics to prevent injury

You can trust the professionals at Footlogics to help you find the perfect orthotics for your running style and demands. Let us help you select the best possible match.

Having the right orthotic in your shoes not only means more running or walking comfort, it will help you prevent common running injuries such as Runner’s Knee, Achilles Tendonitis or Plantar Fasciitis. 

A corrective insole will result in proper alignment of the feet and ankles. In turn, your knees, hips and lower back will be ‘in balance’. 

You may rest assured that your feet will receive the necessary support at every stage of the gait cycle. 

Footlogics shoe inserts will not only make you feel better now, but they will also help you avoid future problems with your feet and knees.

Get in touch with Footlogics today to learn more about our selection of orthotics for running and other sports. We can’t stress enough the importance of maintaining healthy joints and feet and how the right orthotic can contribute to your overall health.

Inserts for soccer boots (cleats)

Playing soccer can put enormous stress  on the ankles, lower legs and knees. Common soccer injuries include Achilles pain (Severs Disease in children), heel pain (Plantar Fasciitis), as well as various knee complaints. 

And soccer places a greater physical demand on your feet than most other sports.  You’re putting extra strain on your feet if your biomechanics aren’t ideal, which is pretty much everyone’s case. Improving your biomechanics is a certain way to take your game to the next level.

When your biomechanics are off, especially if you over-pronate, it can hinder your performance and put you at risk for injury.
Preventing excess pronation, enhancing balance and decreasing plantar fasciitis and other foot ailments are all benefits of using soccer cleat insoles with excellent arch support. Footlogics Football insoles enhance biomechanics, which in turn boosts efficiency. These orthotic shoe inserts have low profile that allows them to fit in your soccer cleats.

Inserts for Running Shoes

If you are a keen runner, then it would come as no surprise to learn that your feet have to put up with a lot of stress and strain to keep you moving. At Footlogics, we supply a wide range of inserts suited for running shoes, allowing casual joggers and serious runners to give their feet the support they need when exercising. These comfortable inserts also help to maintain the long-term health and wellbeing of the user’s feet, particularly those areas that have to take on added strain when running. Our inserts are discrete and allow the users to run in their normal way while enjoying a greater level of comfort and fewer aches and pains when their exercise session is finished.

Arch support inserts with extra cushioning

Running and sports create a huge impact on your feet, ankles and knees.  This is especially the case for people with high arches and/or supinators (rolling outward of the feet).  For this group a cushioning insole is essential.  Footlogics Performance is an insole developed by sports podiatrists in Australia with both cushioning and support in mind.

The anatomic shape hugs every contour of the foot and fills up the cavity under your arches.  A semi-rigid outer shell controls excess foot motion.  

It’s the perfect shoe insert for long hikes, mountain walking, running or sports.

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