Hiking Seeing Resurgence in Popularity

Hiking continues to soar in global popularity. From North America to Europe, there are countless hiking enthusiasts that are truly enjoying Mother Nature at her finest. In the past, this activity was pretty much relegated to serious hikers and walkers. As always, these individuals and groups wore hiking boots and oth

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Wearing the right footwear

Our forefathers walked barefoot over all types of rough terrain. Walking barefoot feels natural and liberating. Lieberman and colleagues at the Harvard University, using kinematic and kinetic analyses found that barefoot men ran with a fore-foot and mid- foot strike gait which generated a smaller collision force and fe

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Lower Limb Biomechanics suit

Imagine toddlers with brain injuries or cerebral palsy trying to crawl. If they are unable to crawl, then eventually they will not be able to stand up, balance themselves, walk or run. Others such as lower limb amputees, people with multiple sclerosis, hemiplegia and the elderly also have restricted mobility. Biomechan

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Tea Tree Oil with Epsom Salt Helps Tackle Athletes Foot and Odours

Tired of dealing with nail fungus and athletes foot? The Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak with Epsom Salt helps treat nail fungus, athlete’s foot, and stubborn foot odor 16oz. The tree oil is a soothing blend of tree oils, Epsom salt, Dead Sea salt and other essential oils. As the ultimate natural blend, the product easily

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