Training for a marathon made easy

Ming Chen is a Hong Kong-based working mother who is fond of running marathons. Yes, she does it for fun and has been doing it for the past 30 years, making here average come to more than two marathons a year.

Want more? She has a twin sister. Yeah and she has run 18 marathons with her, and says that her biggest dream would be when she runs one with her daughter. That would be really special for her. Right now she is in the middle of the training for her 65th marathon.

Chen started running marathons in the year 1989. She was a first-year student at Harvard back then. Back at the time she was clueless about how training for and running a marathon would be like. She and her friends had to train for six months. They ran along the Charles River while chit chatting and she found all of it to be super fun. For her it was really a way to hang out with her friends but now at 47, running marathons is her passion. She is truly an inspiration and an idol for many.

Ming Chen’s Tips On How To Train For A Marathon

Ming says that many runners desire to do a marathon but they make it a sort of a personal challenge for themselves. It becomes an activity that craves and thrives on self-approval which is a very twisted notion. Nobody should put themselves in such a difficult position willingly. You might feel like or just may want to test your limits but don’t do it to prove to the onlookers that you can go the distance. Make it happen because you want to do it. Do it because it is fun to get that adrenaline rush and you like the feel of cool perspiration running down your back. Run a marathon because YOU want to do it and not because others want you to. Some might be doing it for their favorite charity or may be to show their kids that they can still be their hero. Reasons for it could be numerous and there is no dismissing any of them.

What Matters The Most Here Is Getting Started

The first and a very important thing is to be aware of your limits. If you are heading towards a 26.2 mile marathon, remember you are going to be putting your knees and feet at a significantly higher risk for injury. This is not your daily neighborhood jog. You should always make an appointment with your physician before you say yes to any such activity.

The Right Footwear Is Critical For A Marathon Runner As Well

Whether you are going to run a mile or a whole 20 mile marathon, you want to buy the right shoes. Period! You need to understand the importance of the right and adequate foot support. You are harming your feet by wearing the wrong footwear. You become very prone to developing long term foot, heel or ankle related problems because the damage caused by wrong footwear is very often irreparable and most of the times extremely difficult to rectify. They won’t just cause pain, but also discomfort, stiffness and trauma. It is very critical that you invest in and wear the right shoes.

Have You Ever Thought About Wearing Orthotic Insoles?

If you haven’t heard of them before, it is time to come out of the cave you’ve been living in and look for the soles that provide the best support for your feet. They also work to reduce pressure and pinching, and several painful conditions such as bunions, blisters and pain in your heel. You can prevent conditions like hammer toes, overlapping toes and arch strain.

What are orthotic insoles?

Orthotics are also known as \”orthotic insoles\”. These are typically shoe inserts and are placed inside your shoes. These work to restore your natural foot function.
Common complaints such as:
• Heel pain
• Knee pain
• Lower back pain
• Over-pronation
can be rectified by good foot biomechanics which can be facilitated via orthotic insoles.

Over-pronation happens when the arches of the feet get dropped and the feet and ankles start rolling inwards. It affects close to 70% of the global population. Orthotic insoles are used to correct over-pronation. They are also effective in realigning your foot and ankle bones. This puts them in their neutral position, improves natural foot functions and reduces not just foot but ankle problems as well.

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