New survey shows that most Americans suffer from foot pain

A recent survey showed that most Americans suffer from foot related pain and ailments. Living a similar lifestyle to people in the USA, these figures can be generally applied to the Australian population.

From plantar fasciitis to heel spurs, nearly 77% of those surveyed had or are dealing with foot problems and disorders. The survey was conducted by The American Podiatric Medical Association, which is committed to helping foot pain sufferers with viable treatment options and choices. The recent survey included 1,000 U.S. adults from age 18 and older. While the numbers were staggering, only a third of the 77% percent stated that they would seek timely care from podiatrists and foot experts.

Foot pain stems from a number of causes.

This includes heredity, injuries, and especially obesity. Over half of all adults stated that foot pain has severely restricted their activities. This includes sports, along with walking or jogging and running. In addition to mobility issues, foot pain has also caused improper balance in individuals of all ages. The number for those experiencing excruciating foot pain has increased to an alarming 83 percent. Those surveyed said they would participate in more physical activities if they can find permanent solutions to their foot problems.

According to APMA President Frank Spinosa, the survey results show just how many people are suffering with foot problems on a daily basis. Most of us, however, regard the feet as nothing more than tires for our bodies. In fact, many of us “view our feet as the least important body part in terms of our overall health and wellbeing,” said Spinosa. He also went on to say that “our feet are literally and figuratively the furthest things from our minds.” This is why it is so important to pay more and closer attention to our feet.

This includes wearing the right footwear, along with orthotics, insoles, and medicinal shoes from Footlogics – a true industry leader in custom orthotics and footwear.
While foot ailments continue to soar at alarming rates, most people are simply not familiar with podiatric and foot specialist services. In fact, most adults refer to their primary care physicians for these issues (60 percent). Around 48 percent of adults check the Web for answers to their foot issues before securing podiatry services. This results in foot problems getting worse across the nation, and a rise in surgical procedures to restore proper mobility and flexibility to the foot. For those suffering with mild to excruciating foot pain on a persistent basis, professional care is simply paramount. After all, podiatrists are physicians, surgeons, and specialists. They specialize in treating foot related disorders and diseases, along with injuries and ankle deformities.

Out of the all the nations on earth, American experience the most heel pain, nail fungus, foot odor, and especially plantar fasciitis. Those particular susceptible are diabetics, as well as those suffering from poor circulation, arthritis, and nerve or circulatory disorders. These issues can easily be detected in the feet and timely treatment options are available. While the recent study and survey showed just how many Americans and people in general suffer from foot problems, those that sought timely treatment continue to benefit in many ways.

In fact, 88 percent of those surveyed said their podiatrists were able to quickly provide a clear, precise, and concise diagnosis. 76 percent also said their foot specialists were able to prescribe effective treatment regimens, including medications that improved limited ankle motion range and other related issues.

Foot pain is never an easy ordeal. In fact, it can severely limit people from enjoying life or spending quality time with loved ones. If you notice even the slightest foot pain or cringe, do not take it lightly – especially in children. For more information on foot related disorders and viable treatment options, simply contact Footlogics today for a wealth of information and tips.

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