Best Beverages for Arthritis

You are not always what you eat and thus don’t go solely by this saying. Although there are some instances that make you want to believe in it but then again believe in them only when they are backed by evidence to support the claim made. People don’t usually put enough thought into what they’re eating or drinking unless they are marred by some sort of illness or disease.

What you eat and drink can and most definitely will affect how you feel. This especially holds true when you are suffering from any kind of bone and/or joint problems like arthritis. Let’s have a look at the two most commonly had drinks and their effect on our bone and joint health:


This is one of the most-studied drinks in the world. Most of us love it and can’t start our day without it but when it comes to its benefits, we know little to nothing except that when we take black tea with enough sugar and cream in the morning, it gives us a kick that we need to start off our day. Needless to mention almost none of us know what benefits they possess for us when we suffer from arthritis. Many patients are advised to drink green, black and white teas switching between all of them for the most effective defense against arthritis. This is because they are all rich in polyphenols. These are compounds extracted from plants that are believed to have strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Green and white teas have the highest polyphenol levels. Green tea is typically viewed as the most beneficial for people with bone and joint problem and without a doubt its most active ingredient is epigallocatechin 3-gallate (EGCG) which is again a polyphenol. According to studies on antioxidant activity, EGCG is 100 times stronger than vitamins C and E. It also helps prevents cartilage and bone loss.


Another potent concoction that packs a kick is our dear coffee and some researches show that it also has antioxidant polyphenols. You know what that means? It means that having a cup of coffee can help your body fight free radicals and prevent cell damage. Some studies say that coffee may protect us against gout as well. Other than this it is safe to say that we still haven’t come to a solid conclusion that says that coffee either increases or decreases the risk of RA or osteoporosis. As a rule of thumb you should just stick to one or two cups of it in a day. Watch your caffeine intake always.


Some people around you who suffer from similar problems as you would recommend you to go dairy-free. This might be true for their particular condition but there is still no research or evidence to support that claim. So to suggest that you should actually do it is completely baseless. This won’t necessarily help the case. In fact, there are a significant number of studies that have shown no difference between patients suffering from joint or bone problems who were on a dairy-free diet and those who were still consuming dairy products.

Do you know that drinking milk regularly may help prevent gout and if you take enough Vitamin D supplementation along with it, it is also going to help you fight the early symptoms and progression of osteoarthritis? Do make sure you opt for low-fat milk though as this will help you avoid consuming extra calories and saturated fat and gain weight.

Fresh Fruit Juices

Orange juice is bound to be everyone’s favorite and rightly so. It is sweet and mouthwatering and full of nutrition. But did you know that certain veggies like tomatoes, cucumber, cabbage and beetroot and also some fruits like pineapple and carrots are all high in various vitamins and minerals as well? These contain high quantities of antioxidants that can neutralize the effect of free radicals in your body and prevent inflammation. If you go with tart cherry juice, you will see how it positively impacts your health and protects you against gout flares and symptoms of arthritis and/or osteoarthritis.

Beware though because there are certain fruits that are very high in fructose like grapes, berries and pomegranates and pineapples and pears. So we need to be very sensible when drinking juices. They are delicious no doubt, but are also high in sugar and calories. For instance you should always check with your doctor or physician if you can actually consume grapefruit juice, because it has found to be one of the factors that can inactivate or modify the effect of several medications. We will discuss more beverages in our next post, so stay tuned.

So we were discussing some of the beverages that are most suited for people with bone or joint problems such as osteoarthritis or RA. The following list is going to be one of the most interesting things you will read all day so here it goes:

Smoothies, Yay!

Yes, this is a delicious way to stay healthy and when it comes to smoothies we all want one. They are always preferred over juice. It is because instead of squeezing just the juice out of the fruits and vegetables on your kitchen counter, you are actually putting the whole fruit inside. This means you are getting the added bonus of fiber. This is very important because it is going to help clean out your arteries and also fight constipation. The more colorful you go, the better it is for you because these fruits and vegetables are high in antioxidants. So for example if you are adding berries or leafy green veggies like spinach or kale to your smoothies you get big doses of vitamins and nutrients. Add yogurt to them and you get good bacteria (probiotics) in your system as well.


Alcohol, really? Yes! Red wine contains a compound called resveratrol which has anti-inflammatory properties. Studies show that wine consumption reduces risk of knee OA. In general, moderate drinking has also been associated with reduced risk of RA. But many experts are doubtful of these claims and counter them by putting forth other researches and studies that show alcohol’s detrimental effects on people suffering from arthritis. So, it is still very much a grey area. This doesn’t mean you should start drinking if you don’t already. But if you do enjoy a little bit of it, don’t hesitate in an occasional adult beverage. Make sure to be moderate and don’t overdo it.


Water is almost miraculous and there are a lot of benefits to it. When you are looking to hydrate yourself which is vital for flushing out your toxins, don’t underestimate the power of water. Water can also help fight inflammation. Needless to mention by taking enough water you will also keep your joints well lubricated and prevent gout attacks. Drink water before your meals to help you eat less, and promote weight loss. So, this was a list of the most awesome beverages that you could be benefiting from right now if you suffer from any kind of bone or joint pain including arthritis.

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