Aborigine Sensation Dominates New York Marathon

The New York Marathon is an annual event that draws runners and joggers from all over the world.

No matter your skill level, the marathon is simply perfect for running enthusiasts and aficionados. While the East Africans have dominated the event in recent years, the latest victory belongs to a continent of Aboriginals from Australia. Led by Adrian Dodson-Shaw, twelve Indigenous participants helped put Australia back on the running map. From “Gallipoli” to home based races, Aussie athletes have effectively showcased their running skills on the silver screen and pitch. This includes Shaw and his team, which entered the Big Apple frenzy courtesy of Robert de Castella. The latter, of course, is a Commonwealth Games legend that continues to sponsor and mentor athletes from the land down under.

The Passion of Running

Running and jogging is a passion shared by millions of people the world over. For Mr. Shaw, it was the same passion that propelled him to participate in De Castella’s Indigenous marathon project. Like the wintry mix that just blasted upstate New York, Shaw and his fellow runners had to train under grueling conditions at Broome’s Cable Beach. This included plenty of running exercises, along with complete abstinence from alcohol. Under the auspices of De Castella’s mentorship program, Shaw endured a lot to successfully lose 18 kilograms as well. With 42 young Australians successful in the marathon project to date, Adrian also set his sights on meeting his goals and aspirations. This included a fine performance at the New York Marathon, along with helping the resurgence in popularity of running across his home nation.

The Few. The Proud. The Aussies

Shaw’s performance at the marathon really drew the admiration and respect of his fellow countrymen. Not only did Adrian complete the marathon in its entirety, he also sustained a number of injuries on the way. While it’s great to partake in physical fitness activities and shed those unwanted pounds, you must also protect your feet at all times. As an industry leader in foot and ankle care, Footlogics can help you prevent a number of running and jogging related injuries. This includes ankle rolling, along with Achilles tendonitis and the dreaded plantar fasciitis. From wearing orthotics to specially designed shoes, the site offers valuable insight and tips on how to tackle and counter foot and ankle problems. Whether you need shin splits or have to see a podiatrist or foot specialist, the experts at Footlogics will truly help you at every turn.

A True Inspiration

Everyone knows the health benefits associated with short or long distance running. Not only does this activity strengthen vital muscles, tendons, and bones, it also improves your respiratory system. Still, running is not exempt from mishaps and injuries. This is especially true for those that wear poorly fitted shoes or accessories. By donning these items, you become more susceptible to irreparable harm and damage. As a true inspiration for Australians of all ages, Mr. Shaw showed that anything could be achieved through hard work and determination. Whether it’s competing in the NY Marathon or simply climbing the ladder of corporate success, you must work with diligence to achieve timely and lasting results.


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