The Australian Running Festival

The Australian Running Festival: Promoting Health and Fitness through Running

The Australian Running Festival will be held on April 12-13, 2014 in Canberra.

The highly anticipated event will feature runners of all levels, along with joggers, pushers, and walkers. As part of this exciting festival, participants will have a range of running events to choose from. This includes the Adidas 5km and 10km runs, which will take place on Saturday. Sunday will see countless runners participating in the Half Marathon, Marathon, and Ultra Marathon. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or are just starting out, this event is open to all skill levels and abilities. In fact, its organizers simply want to promote greater awareness on the health benefits of daily running or walking.

Like the New York and Boston Marathons, the Australian Running Festival will feature participants from all over the country. New one lap courses will also be introduced, along with new start and finish lines outside the historic Old Parliament House. While all eyes will be on the runners, visitors and guests can also take part in the festivities. In fact, there will be plenty of giveaways for all your friends and loved ones. Event sponsors will also be showcased, as well as merchandise sales and so much more. If you love running or simply want to support the event, bring the entire family for a weekend of non-stop entertainment and athletics.

For years, the Australian fitness authorities have championed the health benefits of running. Not only does running help people effectively shed unwanted pounds, it also ensures proper circulation and respiratory functions. Running, walking, and jogging also exercise nearly every part of the body, while helping to clear the mind. If you are serious about running, you know how essential the right shoes are. In addition, taking care of your feet is also important. As a popular option, orthotics continues to soar in global popularity. These are arch support for shoes, which secure better balance and overall alignment. With orthotics, you can prevent sports injuries, sprains, and other mishaps from occurring.

Whether you want to get into shape or maintain your physique, running is simply the perfect solution. This is why so many people in Australia continue to run, jog, and walk at soaring rates. A great number of Australians have also purchased the latest treadmills. While not as efficient as regular running, these machines still help people get their daily dose of cardiovascular exercises. According to fitness experts, however, there is simply nothing like running outside and absorbing Mother Nature at her finest. For more information on the upcoming Australian Running Festival, please visit:


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