Stiletto Race A New Way to Race in Style for Fun and a Cause

Now is the right time to rummage your closet and find your favorite stilettos to prepare for a fun and highly unique race. The worldwide phenomenon called ‘Stiletto Race’ is now hosted in a number of countries.

This is not your ordinary race – the race is only open to women who must run in their favorite heels that are at least 7cm high and 1.5cm wide at the base.

Started in Amsterdam in 2008, the ‘Stiletto Race’ was organized by Elmwood business owner Sue Marfino as a way to show support for the Ovarian National Alliance. The national alliance was established to drum up support and awareness for ovarian disease, and make policy makers pay attention by including this health concern into their plans and program of action. One of the results is the development of the ‘Stiletto Runs’ or hoge hakken races (high heel races), an event that draws hundreds of participants to Elmwood Avenue. This is now one of the most popular and iconic charity events in the Netherlands, serving as the opportunity for ladies to show off their styles and athletic skills while helping a cause.

‘Stiletto Race’ Goes Global

Right now, the races are hosted in different countries all for the same reasons and causes. Last June 19, Buffalo, New York hosted its 6th Annual Stiletto Run where a portion of the proceeds. The city of Moscow also hosted its 5th run that attracted dozens of women participants who covered 50 meters in the city, all armed with 9cm stiletto heels. The fun and highly novel race is now an annual event in Australia and Singapore. Even men can now join the race like the ones hosted in the Philippines and Buffalo, New York, provided that they can strap their own fancy stilettos and run against women in style and for a cause.

With top prizes in the form of shopping vouchers and even $5,000 in cash for some races, the ‘Stiletto Race’ is now attracting more and more women (and men) looking to race for fun and for a cause. Just be ready for some falls and twisted ankles though since organizers will not be held liable for these!

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