Footlogics Medical

Medical-grade orthotic for Plantar Fasciitis and other common foot conditions

Developed by Australian podiatrists and now available in Canada, Footlogics Medical orthotics are the closest product on the market to custom-made orthotics.
Providing excellent biomechanical control Footlogics Medical are effective for common foot complaints like heel pain/heel spurs (Plantar Fasciitis), ball of foot pain (Metatarsalgia) and Achilles Tendonitis.
Footlogics Medical also help relieve shin splints, knee pain and low back pain.

Product Features

  • medical-grade biomechnical control
  • made of firm density E.V.A
  • velour top cover for added comfort
  • deep stabilizing heel cup
  • longitudinal arch support
  •  built-in metatarsal raise
  • shock-absorbing heel pad
  • suitable for athletic footwear, lace-up shoes, 
 work and hiking boots
  • orthotic can be trimmed to size
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