Footlogics Catwalk

All-day walking comfort in low or high heels!

Walking in heels means most of your body weight is placed on the front of the feet, causing the forefoot structure to collapse. This excess force and friction leads to common conditions like ball of foot pain, burning sensation under the foot (Metatarsalgia), callous and corns - even aching legs!
A breakthrough in high heel comfort, Catwalk orthotics support the arches and metatarsals, distributing body weight evenly and taking the pressure off the ball of the foot. This unique technology makes women’s fashion shoes more comfortable to wear, for longer hours.

Product Features

  • developed by Podiatrists, made in Spain
  • manufactured from high quality,  cushioning P.U. material
  • super-microfibre soft velour cover
  • low longitudinal arch support
  • built-in metatarsal raise
  • distributes body weight evenly over the foot, reducing pressure & friction in the ball of the foot
  • fits into most types of women’s fashion shoes, including boots and sandals, with low or high heel
  • adhesive dot on bottom of insole prevents slippage
  • thin & slim design

Footlogics Catwalk orthotics insoles

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