Tired, Aching Legs

Tired aching legs are quite common, particularly among women and elderly people.


Typical Symptoms

Those who suffer from tired, aching legs feel a persistent, dull aching sensation at the back of their lower leg, usually behind the knee or in the calf muscle. This aching pain is most prominent after long periods of standing and in women who wear high heels.

Causes of Tired, Achy Legs

The feeling of tired, achy legs, which is sometimes even accompanied by a burning sensation, is most commonly caused by poor blood circulation in the arteries of the legs. Secondarily, this condition can also be attributed to excess, over stretching of the calf muscles due to poor foot function.

Over-Pronation as a Contributory Factor

70% of the population suffers from over-pronation, which plays a role in overall poor foot function. An over-pronating foot rolls inwards upon contact with the ground, causing the legs to also rotate internally, thereby initiating undue stress on the muscles located at the back of your legs. Standing for long periods of time and wearing high-heeled shoes makes this even worse.

The Importance of Stretching

To maintain healthy muscles and joints, it is vital that you stretch before and after exercise. For example, for those who enjoy hiking or biking, you may find that your hip muscles feel tight. Performing targeted hip stretching exercises will help to increase the flexibility and range of motion in your legs, which in turn, can greatly reduce any pain you may experience during exercise. Stretching beforehand helps to slowly prepare your muscles for physical activity, and stretching afterwards is beneficial because your muscles are warm and your blood flow is higher, allowing you to maximize the benefits of a good stretch.

Effective Treatment

Footlogics orthotics help to restore proper foot function and avoid excess pronation. By reducing internal rotation of your legs, and decreasing over stretching of the leg muscles, Footlogics orthotics are able to diminish the pain and discomfort you feel from tired, aching legs.

  Tired Aching Legs

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